“GOOGLING” it on the Next Level

When you are searching for an answer to a question you don’t know, you could just ask Siri. Or perhaps you might try my go-to approach, Google. Search engines are a handy way to research a certain topic. However, I’ve also had trouble locating a helpful site after my initial search. I recently read the article, SEO Trends for 2013 & What They Mean for PR, which explained how much search engines will be advancing in the near future. Some of the current trends include a topic being so deeply researched by search optimization professionals that people will in turn get more quality results. The new content that you’re going to obtain in your search is said to “…not just capture but keep attention.” The new results are going to be very informative and educational to the audience in hopes to move the person into becoming a frequent customer. All in all, “…if content you are creating and distributing is highly useful and relevant for humans it will likely be favored by the search engines.”


Public relations is going to change dramatically parallel to the advancements in SEO sites and blogs. Professionals in PR write to a target audience and want to produce material that will be significant to the user. As I’ve written about before, building blog followers over time can eventually develop a great connection to people who share, respond, and recommend your ideas to others. Although I’m not personally interested in blogging for my career, professionals will benefit from optimizing search engines linking their topics with people looking for answers. People use a handful of devices on the go such as a Smartphone or tablet to answer business questions these days. It will be nice to browse the web before a meeting and get quick, quality, and channeled information. People in the PR field are continually on the go and the new SEO trends sound like they will be helpful to all.

Read the article here:



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